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Thai Businessman in Possession of Child Pornography Arrested in Udon Thani

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An infamous Thai businessman was arrested on Wednesday for possession of child pornography and shooting explicit content featuring minors.

Local police in Udon Thani stormed into a Thai businessman’s house after receiving a report from a local 16-year-old girl who informed that the 55-year-old lured her into shooting pornography in exchange for money.

After gathering enough evidence, the police raided the suspect’s house to investigate the matter. The police called for the house owner to come out and open the gate, but a young girl showed up to do so instead.

The businessman, identified as Mr. Piti arrived 20 minutes later before the police informed him that they received reports involving him sexually assaulting children.

The man cooperated with the officers by letting them inspect his house. The police discovered two 15-year-old teenage girls inside a small bedroom that included two boxes of condoms, and a bottle of liquor, kept next to a wide-screen TV.

In another bedroom which was Mr. Piti’s, the police found numerous studio cameras. They also uncovered a significant amount of child pornography on the man’s computer after reviewing it.

The accused confessed that he used his bedroom as a studio for shooting questionable photographs of young girls. He also said that he never forced the girls to take off their clothes, but he offered them money to do so.

He further claimed that he had been doing this for a month but never had sexual relations with any of the girls.

During the investigation, however, a 17-year-old girl walked into the house and said she had been there before. She claimed Mr. Piti always harassed the girls and asked them for sexual favors while shooting them.

She also told the police that he would call young girls and persuade them into sleeping with him in exchange for money, roughly THB 1000-3000 (USD 26-79).

The police then confiscated three cameras, one computer, and fifteen mobile phones as evidence before escorting two girls in the house to a nearby children’s shelter.

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