Attitude Mom, Plentitude’s Modern Breast Pumps Now Available at Parkson, Laos


Attitude Mom & Plentitude’s modern breast pumps are now available for sale at the Parkson Laos Shopping Mall.

On 13 November 2022, Attitude Mom & Plentitude officially launched its cutting-edge modern breast pumps, a device for helping today’s moms, making it more convenient for mothers wishing to use Attitude Mom & Plentitude products.

At the event, a diverse range of products was handed out in addition to a demonstration on how to mix fresh fruit juices with Plenty Drink which is a health supplement for new moms. Plenty Drink was offered to those in attendance to taste as well.

Nurse Souphaphone (left) sharing her story on the stage

The event also saw a meeting with Nurse Suphaphone Liengha and Nurse Bo, who specialize in maternal, newborn, and child health and they provided information and advice for mothers from the beginning of pregnancy all the way through to breastfeeding along with techniques on the correct use of breast pumps.

There were also special guests, Mouay Sananya Vongkhamsone and Linchy Anousone Vonglatsamy, talking about their experiences raising children, followed by a Q&A session to give mothers the chance to ask the specialist medical practitioners about this topic.

As for the history of the Attitude Mom and Plentitude brand, Ms. Souri Khounmoungkhounvouth, President of Attitude Mom & Plentitude, explains that “It came from my own experiences with my two children. I wanted to raise my first child with breastmilk as it contains nutrients which help to build the immune system to prevent disease but I failed because at that time as the promotion of breastfeeding was insufficient.

President of Attitude Mom & Plentitude, Ms. Souri Khounmoungkhounvouth, giving an interview.

“My child was vulnerable to diseases and repeated visits to the hospital showed me that breastmilk is of utmost importance. When it came to my second child, I remember using breast pumps from overseas to help and the results gave me the idea of developing my own breast pumps, which are now represented by the Attitude Mom & Plentitude brand, to cater to the mother of today to the extent possible”.

Attitude Mom & Plentitude products can be found in the supermarket of the Parkson Laos mall and at J-Mart, the main branches thereof being in Dongdok, Phontong, That Luang, and Vangxay or if you are interested, you can contact them directly at Attitude Mom Thailand – Laos 5 Smart Mode Breast Pumps.