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Elderly Man Beaten to Death by Neighbor in Vientiane

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A former police officer was beaten to death with a wooden board by his neighbor while he was taking part in an alms-giving ceremony. His son took to social media to seek justice for his deceased father.

36-year-old Mr. Vatthana Sibounhueng, posted on social media that his neighbor brutally murdered his father while he was waiting to give alms to monks earlier this month.

According to Mr. Vatthana, his father, 68-year-old Mr. Vanna Vannavong, was on his way to perform almsgiving near his house one morning before he heard a loud noise coming from the neighbor’s house.

“He took a peek to see what was going on, like how people would usually do in a situation like that,” Mr. Vatthana told the Laotian Times during a phone interview.

Mr. Vanna saw the husband and wife in the middle of an argument and he left without interfering in the couple’s personal matters. But as the old man waited for the monks with other locals, the husband emerged from the house, seemingly in a hungover state, and approached him.

“He then hit my father on the head with a wooden board three to four times after which he collapsed,” said the victim’s son. Despite multiple eye witnesses who tried helping out, the neighbor threatened to hit anyone who got in his way.

“He continued beating my father over the head. I think around 20 times until he stopped moving. My father didn’t regain consciousness after the incident,” said Mr. Vatthana, describing the attack.

Mr. Vanna was sent to a local hospital after the assault and received medical treatment. However, after a week, the hospital sent him home, saying that they were unable to revive him and he should be with his family in his final moments.

“I want to ask my father’s killer why he would do something so cruel. What did my father ever do to you and why did you have to go this far? How could we live together in peace if merely looking at each other’s faces could result in murder,” added Mr. Vatthana when asked about his neighbor’s intention behind the crime.

The police recently issued an arrest warrant for the perpetrator, identified as 40-year-old Mr. Phonevilay Meksoulinh, a resident of Vientiane’s Saysettha province, who is currently on the run.

Mr. Vatthana has been asking for help and support on social media, hoping to locate Mr. Phonevilay.

“If anyone’s giving him a place to hide, please turn him in to authorities so he can face the consequences of his actions,” he pleaded.

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