Land Rover with Fake Plates Apprehended in Luang Namtha

The driver of Lan Rover was apprehended for its irregular license plates.

Tax Department officials from the Ministry of Finance in the Nateuy District of Luang Namtha Province seized a white Land Rover with license plates registered to another person on Monday. The driver was apprehended at the scene of the incident.

The driver of a Land Rover in Luang Namtha Province was detained by police officers after they were tipped off about its irregular license plates.

The vehicle was carrying license plates registered in Savannakhet to another vehicle, according to the anonymous whistleblower, leading customs officials to intercept it.

Upon checking the vehicle’s registration papers, customs officers found documentation from 2019 authorizing the temporary entrance of a vehicle for tourism purposes (D53), while all other papers had already been expired for three years.

The vehicle has been impounded pending a complete investigation.