Laos Cosmetics Boss Denies Connection to Thai Drug Bust

An image of the tanker that was confiscated in Thailand.

The self-described CEO of a cosmetics company came forward Thursday evening to maintain her innocence amid claims on social media that she may have been identified as the mysterious woman behind a drug trafficking scandal.

Rumors surfaced after a petrol tanker from Laos was seized this week by Thai police at the Lao-Thai Friendship Bridge carrying an enormous amount of drugs. The truck driver confessed to authorities that a woman from Bolikhamxay Province had paid him THB 50,000 to transport the load.

Making a statement via a Facebook live stream, the woman, who hails from Bolikhamxay,  categorically denied any connection to the incident.

“I can confirm that I have no connection whatsoever to this incident. I am 100 percent innocent. Believe it or not, we’ll see what happens next,” the woman told listeners emphatically.

She went on to add that if she were such a mastermind, the police would have apprehended her by now and she wouldn’t be able to live-stream on her social media.

The woman and her husband also clarified that they had no intention of filing charges against the people who made accusations against them on the internet, stating that they would let the authorities handle the situation.

“We found out about these rumors through messages from our friends and family who had asked if the rumors were true. We had to assure them that they are not,” said the cosmetics boss.

“People can have their opinion; they can say what they want about me, and I do not mind. Some may suspect me because of all my money but this has come from honest work. I started with nothing and worked my way up,” she added.

The woman stated that her cosmetics company, M9, sells more than just health and beauty products, indicating that the business has interests in the automobile and real estate sectors as well.

Drugs found aboard the petrol tanker returning to Thailand from Laos.
Drugs found aboard the petrol tanker returning to Thailand from Laos.

Meanwhile, a representative of Buntherng Transport Co., the company under which the truck laden with narcotics was registered, met with the customs officers in Nong Khai to confirm that the company had no part in the drug trafficking scandal.

At the same time, fuel importer, NTP Public Company, has also released an official notice stating that although its logo had been present on the vehicle in question, it had no role in and no knowledge of the drug trafficking incident.  It noted that under a contract between the fuel importer and Buntherng Transport Co, any illegal activities are the sole responsibility of the transport company.