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New Wave of Covid Unlikely for Laos, Residents Should Remain Vigilant

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Medical experts in Laos say that although case numbers have risen in recent weeks, a new wave may not necessarily be on the horizon.

While the World Health Organization (WHO) has warned of a “winter surge” in cases for Europe and other parts of the northern hemisphere, the situation in Laos has not changed dramatically.

The Director of Centre for Communication and Education on Health (CCEH), Mr. Visith Khamleusa,  told the Laotian times that Laos is still seeing some cases, and urged people to be cautious when traveling to or from neighboring countries.

“We cannot guarantee if a new wave is coming. Still, we started to see new cases more often, though not very many. Covid-19 still affects neighboring countries and the whole world, so it also affects Laos.”, said Health Officials discussing whether a new wave of Covid-19 will hit Laos.

According to Mr. Visith, Omicron is the most common Covid type that is currently affecting Lao people.

“We keep track of the cases by collecting information from medical centers and from people who report their Covid results online after performing Covid tests on their own,” he said.

The health spokesperson also stated that Covid checks on arrival for those returning from abroad have already been lifted, implying that the true figures would be greater than reported.

Health authorities are still encouraging individuals to continue wearing masks, wash hands frequently, and avoid congested areas.

Third and fourth booster shots are also strongly recommended, particularly for people in at-risk groups, according to

“Covid vaccinations are available at central hospitals in Vientiane Capital and at district hospitals in every province,” said Mr. Visith.

On Friday, Laos’s Centre of Information and Education for Health recorded 73 new Covid-19 cases, with Vientiane Capital seeing the highest number.

Thailand is also experiencing a rise in cases, with the country’s Public Health Permanent Secretary, Dr. Opart Karnkawinpong, saying last month that an increase in infections will gradually subside after the New Year, with most cases not requiring hospitalization.

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