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SoFi, WeLab, Syfe – 3 Top Robo-Advisors Join MoneySmart

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Robo-advisors SoFi, WeLab and Syfe are now on MoneySmart. Compare their features and fees and learn about the latest discounts for opening an account now.

HONG KONG SAR- Media OutReach – 12 December 2022 – [SoFi, WeLab, Syfe] 3 Major Robo-Advisors Now on MoneySmart. Many brokerages in the market offer smart investment services powered by artificial intelligence (AI). These include robo-advisory, rapid market data organisation and price movement analysis that help users build the optimal investment portfolio. MoneySmart has recently launched a Robo-Advisor comparison service that allows users to compare different robo-advisors on MoneySmart. AI robo-advisors such as SoFi, WeLab GoWealth, and Syfe have their respective unique features that enable users to invest and trade with greater ease.

Introducing Robo-Advisors

Robo-advisor is both an AI robo-advisory platform and a stock trading platform. Robo-advisors run data analysis on customers’ investment goals, risks, and other factors using precise computer algorithms and help users build the optimal investment portfolio.

Comparison of 3 Major Online AI Trading Platforms: SoFi vs WeLab vs Syfe

Online AI Trading Platform Features Fee
SoFi Hong Kong Brokerage Account Diversified investment portfolio, over 13,000 stocks across 35 countries HK$30/month
WeLab GoWealth Digital Wealth Advisory Services Digital wealth advisory services, market conditions smart alert, no lock-up period Subscription fee of 1.5%, minimum investment HK$100
Syfe Hong Kong’s first globally diversified portfolio with direct indexing 0.35% – 0.65% per annum

The main advantages of Robo-Advisors

Robo-advisors operate round-the-clock and charge a lower fee than traditional investment advisory services. Their systems also automatically allocate, manage, and optimise user assets according to market conditions. This helps users save on the effort, time and money required in manually managing their portfolios. For investors seeking a reliable and simple means of managing their portfolios, robo-advisors make the ideal choice.

Visit MoneySmart’s Robo-Advisor comparison page today to find the robo advisory services available in the market!

MoneySmart Head of Commercial Marcus Chan said, “We often ask, ‘How can I increase my wealth? Where do I start?’ With advanced technology like robo-advisor, it is akin to having a professional financial advisor, and you don’t have to think about how best to start. At MoneySmart, we empower people to manage their wealth and make smarter decisions. We’re excited to launch a product category like robo-advisors and to have leading teams on board to help our users kickstart their investment journey. We welcome WeLab GoWealth, Syfe and SoFi to MoneySmart.”

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