Laos’ Electricity Exports Increase by 7.5% in 2022


At the same time, the amount of electricity imported by the country also decreased by 72.7 percent.
The country earned USD 1,769 million by exporting electricity and spent just USD 15 million while importing it, informed Deputy Prime Minister, Dr. Sonexay Siphandone at a National Assembly session last week.

Laos has partnered with countries like Cambodia, China, Thailand, Vietnam, and Singapore to export electricity. The government has also set a target to manufacture at least 51,134 million kWh in 2023 which would be over 70 percent of the electricity generated this year.

Minister of Planning and Investment, Mr. Khamjane Vongphosy, said that the government was keen on regulating the price of electricity within the country to attract more domestic users as well.

It would also cooperate with neighboring countries like China to exchange electricity via the “grid to grid” system. This would help in tackling power shortages during the dry season and store extra power in the wet season.

The transmission system of Electricity Du Laos would also facilitate the sale of electricity from private power projects. Between 2021-2025, the country is keen on producing 1,807 MW of electricity, over 50 percent of which would be from hydropower projects, 19 percent from coal-fired, and 24 percent from solar power, said the Ministry of Energy and Mines.

By 2030, Laos wants to increase this amount to 5,559 MW of electricity, the majority of which would be generated from hydropower projects.