Bokeo Woman Dies in Suspected Homicide

Rescue team push the cart with the woman's body back to her home | (photo: Bokeo Rescue Team)

A woman died on the way to hospital in Bokeo’s Houayxai district on Saturday after succumbing to knife wounds in what is believed to have been a homicide.

After a resident spotted the wounded woman and informed local authorities, she was identified as Ms. Giavue, a resident of Huayxai’s Jomjouk village.

The 40-year-old had several visible injuries including severe head wounds consistent with a knife attack. However, the cause of death wasn’t confirmed upon her discovery, the Bokeo rescue team reported.

Medical personnel wrapped the victim, put her on a travel cart, and took her home before bringing her to the hospital.

According to Tonamcha News, the woman was alive when first discovered, but passed away while being transported to the hospital. Her autopsy would be performed at the hospital to find out the cause of her death although her injuries suggest that she was attacked by someone.

There is no confirmation from the police yet but the case is currently under investigation, as the authorities are looking for more clues to ascertain the reason for Ms. Giavue’s demise.

Increasing criminal activity in Bokeo has led various embassies to warn tourists about the province. The Australian government recently updated its travel advice website, Smartraveller, asking its citizens to maintain caution while entering the province.

It said, “We’ve reviewed our advice for Laos. We now advise you exercise a high degree of caution in Bokeo Province along the border with Myanmar, Thailand, and around the Golden Triangle Special Economic Zone.”