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Today Marks Laos’ Shortest Day in 2022

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As the northern hemisphere celebrates the Winter Solstice, Laos will only have 11 hours of sunshine today. It’s the shortest day of the year – and the longest night.

The Earth’s poles reach their maximum tilt away from the sun today, the National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand (NARIT) said on Wednesday.

“Winter solstice is regarded as the first day of winter in the northern hemisphere, but for those in the southern hemisphere it will be the first day of summer.”

Lao and Thai people call the day “Tawen Oom Khao,” meaning “sun indirectly reaches the rice,” as they believe that the sun will not be so powerful, allowing farmers to harvest their rice without being overheated.

The sun rose at 6:36 am today in Laos and will set at just about 17:40 pm, offering just 11 hours and four minutes of daylight.

The winter solstice usually occurs on 21 or 22 December, depending on the location. The winter solstice is the shortest day of the year since it has the fewest hours of sunshine.

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