Smuggled Tiger Cub Dies in Thailand

A smuggled tiger cub being cared for by a vet in Thailand's conservation area (photo: ThaiPBS)

One of four tiger cubs rescued from a trafficking ring has died at the Office of Conservation Area 9 in Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand.

After performing an X-ray on the sick cub, the Director of the Conservation Area, Mr. Chaiwat Limlikitacksone, discovered that the cub’s cause of death was likely pneumonia.

He speculated that the cub’s body temperature had dropped drastically given the cold weather during the previous 3-4 days, detecting a lot of gas in its stomach.

Mr. Chaiwat also urged that the veterinarians increase their care for the three remaining cubs since they had all been fairly inactive and sick since the weather became cooler.

But X-rays of each of the three cubs indicate that their lungs are healthy.

The cubs have been under care in the conservation area after police rescued them from a couple who attempted to sell them after transporting them from Laos to Thailand last month.