Lao Police Seize Over 1,000 Kg of Cannabis in Bolikhamxay

44 bags of cannabis were seized in Bolikhamxay Province on Wednesday.

Police in Khamkeut District, Bolikhamxay province, apprehended a truck transporting over 1,000 kg of compressed cannabis last week.

Bolikhamxay Security reports that residents in the district reported to the police about the haul of cannabis that was to be transported from Bolikhamxay to Khammouane.

The police discovered the suspect vehicle traveling at a rapid speed to Khammouane Province on Route No. 8A. They attempted to stop the vehicle, but the driver didn’t slow down and drove through the checkpoint.

The police followed the truck until it could be stopped, and the driver immediately fled into the nearby forest.

About 26 bags of compressed cannabis weighing 1,347 kg were discovered, along with 18 bags of marijuana weighing 322 kg.

Police have continued their investigation, and have been looking for the truck driver. They would be destroying the discovered cannabis as well since its consumption is prohibited in the country. No gun battle or explosion was reported at the scene.

In September this year, police arrested four cannabis dealers in Bolikhamxay for possessing more than 1,600 kilograms of cannabis.