Three Nepali Women Rescued from Laos, Still Feel Unsafe at Home


The women who left Nepal to pursue supposedly well-paying jobs in Laos, fell victim to a human trafficking scheme, where they were expected to work in call centers and scam unsuspecting affluent people in the US, Canada, Australia, and the UK. 

Police in Nepal have arrested the two Chinese nationals who posed as tourists and recruited young women aged between 19 and 22 years old. However, the victims have revealed that they have been getting death threats since the two men were arrested on 22 December.

“Although we survived the place, the Chinese are searching for us through their agents, perhaps to exact revenge as they feel we have spoiled their business by reporting to the police,” said Lalita, one of the women who were duped by the recruiting agents.

Still in touch with some of the workers at the call center where she worked for three months, Lalita informed that there are more people from Nepal who are currently trapped there and are being exploited.

“Last week, I was told by one of my Chinese friends there that four more Nepalis had been recruited. I fear what might happen to them,” Lalita said.

According to a spokesperson from the country’s Anti-trafficking Bureau, the call center in Laos is still holding about a dozen Nepali citizens as hostage. He said, “We are still investigating, and trying our best to rescue them.”

Meanwhile, Lalita’s husband is scared and worried that the Chinese agents who tricked his wife could be released anytime by the police in Nepal. “We fear those Chinese may have connections with other Chinese and Nepali political leaders, and they could make life difficult for us,” he added.