Fake Policewoman Arrested After Claiming To Collect Phonethip Xaypanya Debt

Kitty Xayalath, a 22-year-old Chanthabouly District resident, was apprehended for defrauding the victim of Phonethip Xaypunya.

A woman was arrested after pretending to be a policewoman and advertising on social media that she could assist people in reclaiming funds defrauded by Phonethip Xaypanya.

Lao Security News reports that police were informed in October 2022 that a social media profile posing as a police officer took more than LAK 340 million (about USD 20,067) from one victim as payment for debt collection.

Kitty Xayalath, a 22-year-old resident of Chanthabouly District, was arrested after police gathered evidence and tracked her down.

The woman confessed to police that she had set up a fake Facebook profile pretending to be a police officer who could reclaim funds taken from victims swindled by notorious swindler, Phonethip Xaypanya.

Ms. Kitty was able to successfully convince at least one victim, who transferred money into her bank account.

After receiving payment from the victim, Kitty said she spent the money to on items for personal use.

Police have advised the victim, who has now been scammed twice, to exercise greater caution when communicating with people online.

Phonethip Xaypanya was apprehended in Thailand in a high-profile arrest last year after fleeing across the border from Laos.

Some 5,000 people came forward after falling victim to Phonethip who conned them into joining a fraudulent deposit scheme.