Vientiane Capital Sees Over 1,000 Road Accidents in 2022

A road accident in Vientiane Capital.

Laos recorded the most number of accidents in Vientiane Capital in 2022, with the majority of accidents caused by speeding.

Vientiane Mai reports that 1,072 road accidents occurred across Vientiane Capital causing 183 deaths last year.

Chanthabouly district saw 134 road accidents, followed by Xaythany with 257, Saysettha with 210, Sikhottabong with 109, Sisattanak with 134, Hatsaifong with 130, Naxaythong with 61, Pakngum with 36, and Sangthong with 10.

The majority of road accident victims were workers, employees, vendors, students, and foreigners.

The leading causes of road accidents in the capital in 2022 were speeding, drunk driving, reckless driving, sudden lane changes, and general disregard for traffic regulations.

During the week-long New Year celebration period, 26 people lost their lives in road accidents across Laos.