BlackPink’s Rosé Declares Her Love for Spicy Mango Dipping Sauce

Blackpink’s Rosé Declares Love for Spicy Mango Dipping Sauce
Rosé BLACKPINK Lovesick Girls (photo: uhdpaper)

Roseanne Park, or Rosé, from the popular South Korean pop band  “BlackPink,” revealed her favorite Thai food as “Mamuang Nampla Wan” or “Spicy Mango Dipping Sauce,” on her official Instagram account last weekend.

BlackPink was on a live tour titled ‘BLACKPINK WORLD TOUR [BORN PINK] BANGKOK’ in Thailand’s capital city on 7-8 January.

During the group’s stay in Thailand, one of the singers, Rosé shared on her Instagram story, a picture of Spicy Mango Dipping Sauce along with a packet of raw mango slices, with the caption “My absolute favorite thing to eat here in Bangkok”.

Rose’s story (photo: Khaosod)

After her story was viewed by thousands of followers on her social media platform, many people speculated that the Spicy Mango Dipping Sauce would now sell like hotcakes. Several social media users commented that the singer’s announcement of her favorite Thai dish would make locals and foreigners try it out as well.

The owner of the shop, Mr. Teeratat Chujarin, later posted on Facebook about his sheer delight at learning that his shop’s Spicy Mango Dipping Sauce was enjoyed by a popular South Korean singer, Khaosod reported.

“It would be destiny if our shop blew up in a big way. If not, we are already content with what has happened,” Mr. Teeratat described in his caption.

Laos also has a very similar Spicy Mango Dipping Sauce or Jaew Mak Muang. However, instead of using sweet fish sauce as a dipping sauce Laos uses fermented fish sauce or Padek.

Last year, Danupa “Milli” Kanateeraku the first Thai rapper artist who performed at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in California was spotted eating mango sticky rice following her performance.

Mango sticky rice then went viral on social media due to curiosity by international fans, with the hashtags #khaonieomamuang and #mangostickyrice trending on Twitter.