Laos National Circus Undergoes Renovations to Attract More Visitors

A performance in Lao National Circus in October. ( Photo: Jason Rolan).

The Ministry of Information, Culture, and Tourism (MIT) and two private companies have joined hands to renovate the Lao National Circus or Russian Circus to attract more visitors.

Lao National Radio reports that the ministry, Faster Media Company, and Auto Laos Vientiane Company will collaborate to develop and improve the circus after it was built over 30 years ago.

Mr. Phoneditta Surivong, Director of Auto Laos Vientiane Company, said that the circus is undergoing renovations for the public to enjoy the performances in a much better way.

Almost the entirety of the interiors has been upgraded, including improved lighting, a sound system, and a more comfortable seating area for the audience.

A souvenir shop, convenience store, coffee shop, garden, parking lot, and additional facilities will be constructed in the area around the circus to attract more tourists, according to Mr. Phoneditta.

The circus will open for public performances next week to commemorate the 74th anniversary of the Lao People’s Army and it will resume all its shows in October.

Ticket prices for the performances begin at LAK 30,000. Interested individuals may call 020 97279933 or 020 54218989 to enquire more about the same.

Lao Nation Circus is located in Savang Village, Chanthabouly District, Vientiane Capital.