Electricite Du Laos to Reward Households That Report Electricity Theft

electricity meter. ( Photo: Freepix).

Electricite Du Laos will start compensating residents who report such incidents as the company has recently lost some power due to electricity theft in Laos.

Lao Youth Radio reports that Mr. Chanthaboun Soukarun, Managing Director of Électricité du Laos, said on Monday that electricity theft continues to be a problem in Laos and other nations.

In the recent past, electricity theft and power outages have caused the most significant damage to Electricite Du Laos.

More than 100 incidents of electricity theft have been identified in the past year, of which suspects in two cases have been ordered to be prosecuted for a criminal conviction and sentenced to six months in prison.

To resolve this issue, the company has come up with the idea of rewarding residents who report electricity theft in their area. Those who report an incident that could lead to a fine not exceeding LAK 1 million will receive the full amount as a reward.

For fines up to LAK 10 million, residents will receive 75% of the fine as a reward, while those over LAK 10 million will receive 50%.

Electricite Du Laos also announced new measures with rewards against electricity theft and meter tampering, including tripling fines for infringements in 2021.