Vietnamese Rescue Team Arrives in Turkey Following Devastating Earthquake

Vietnamese Rescue Team Arrives in Turkey for Help, Rescue
Members of Ministry of Public Security's search and rescue team prepare specialised equipment for their duty in Turkey (photo: VNExpress)

A team of Vietnamese rescue workers has arrived in Istanbul, Turkey, to assist in search and rescue efforts following the massive 7.8-magnitude earthquake that struck the country earlier this week.

The rescue team was dispatched by Vietnam’s Ministry of Public Security, which also held a send-off ceremony for the 24-member team on Thursday, VNExpress reported.

Vietnamese Minister of Public Security, General To Lam, said during the ceremony that the delegation was deployed to Turkey on a mission to locate survivors, provide humanitarian support, and help the people as the country stabilizes following the disaster.

He also stated that the ministry’s involvement in the rescue represents Vietnam’s political commitment as a responsible member of the international community, ready and alert to address any challenges to maintain a peaceful and stable environment supporting regional and global cooperation and development.

The rescue team set off immediately after receiving approval from the Vietnamese Prime Minister before arriving in Istanbul, Turkey today.

Vietnamese Rescue Team Arrives in Turkey
The 24-member rescue team from Vietnam arrives at Istanbul airport (photo: Jack Bui)

Turkish Ambassador to Vietnam, Mr. Haldun Tekneci, reported on Monday that he received an offer of assistance from the Vietnamese government when the earthquake first occurred, for which he was extremely grateful.

He also expressed his gratitude towards the relevant ministries and other competent agencies of Vietnam and each member of the rescue team.

According to the spokesman of the ministry, Gen. To An Xo, this is the first time that Vietnam has sent a delegation on an international mission to an area far away from its territory.

Meanwhile, Thailand has also dispatched a rescue team to Turkey under the mission “Thailand for Turkey.”

Laos has yet to publicize a letter of condolence from its leaders to Turkey or Syria following the massive earthquake on Monday that has claimed more than 21,000 lives.