Laos, Cambodia Discuss Feasibility Study for Electricity Transmission to Singapore


Laos and Cambodia discussed undertaking a feasibility study on electricity transmission from Laos through Cambodia to Singapore during Cambodian PM Hun Sen’s visit to the country last week.

Cambodia’s Prime Minister Hun Sen made his official visit to Laos between 13-15 February after receiving an invitation from Prime Minister Sonexay Siphandone. The two leaders discussed a host of issues ranging from security, politics, and the economy that concerned both their countries.

Following the meeting, Sok Chenda Sophea, Delegate Minister attached to the Prime Minister and Secretary General of the Council for the Development of Cambodia, stated that Cambodia will purchase more power from Laos in anticipation of a growing economy that will need more power supply.

Laos and Cambodia will continue to increase cooperation in the energy sector as the two countries have also signed agreements for the latter to purchase coal-fired electricity and energy from hydropower plants in Laos.

The two prime ministers also discussed the possibility of building a high-speed railway connecting both countries and also other nations in the region.