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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Sangthong District to Start Repairing Four Damaged Roads

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Mr. Lum Kham Chanthapanya, head of the Public Works and Transportation office of Sangthong District, Vientiane Capital said that the department will be fixing four main roads in the district, to ease traffic along the routes.

Recently, Mr. Lum Kham spoke to the media to inform the public about the repair projects that are about to commence.

He said that the total budget to repair the four roads is KIP 9.8 billion (USD 578,000).

Lao Youth Radio reported that the four main roads listed in the project were as follows:

The road from Tao Hai village to Phu Ghra Luo border with Vientiane province whose repair work will be on a 7 kilometers stretch, costing KIP 4.9 billion (USD 289,000).

The road from Napor village to Kwai village is 7 kilometers long and 6 meters wide and will cost KIP 2.5 billion (USD 147,000) in repair work.

The road from Nasu Man village to Napor village will be 4.5 km long and 6 meters wide, costing KIP 2.2 billion (USD 130,000) in repairs. 

The government will also be repairing the 2-layer asphalt road from Nasa to Napor and Na Charoen village, with a length of 17.2 km, worth KIP 200 million (USD 11,900). 

Mr. Nam added that in 2022, through the budget allocated by the Department of Public Works and Transportation of Vientiane Capital, Sangthong District was able to repair many roads. 

Mainly, the road from Paya Lat to Tau Hai which is 15 kilometers long, that costed KIP 199 million (USD 11,750). Drainage canals at 13 different points along this road were repaired as well.

Since Sangthong is a remote district of Vientiane Capital, Mr. Lum Kham proposed to the government that the budget continues to be allocated to the district, mainly for infrastructure projects.  

Meanwhile, an awful stretch of road on Route 4C from Kasi to Meuang Nan is now also getting repaired. The road will be closed to traffic between 07:30-09:30 am, 13:30-14:30 pm, and 15:00-17:00 pm for the same.

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