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Laos Holds Training to Improve Services in Hospitality and Tourism Sectors

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The International Labor Organization (ILO) has implemented a workforce training program to help improve the labor competency of individuals working in the hospitality and tourism industry in Laos.

The initiative was primarily organized to support the return of migrant workers in the tourism and hospitality industry by developing their skills so that they are able to pursue job opportunities in the country and aid in its economic growth. It was conducted in partnership with ILO, the Lao Hotel and Restaurant Association, DFICT Laos, and PTX.

The program which commenced on 6 February and will continue till March 15, addresses the challenges faced by the Hospitality and Tourism sector after the Covid-19 pandemic, by providing training and development opportunities to the workers in these industries.

The initiative was designed to cater to individuals with varying levels of skill and experience. Programs at the event included housekeeping training for unskilled workers (5 days training) for 40 people, food and beverage service training for unskilled workers (5 days training) for 40 people, training for housekeeping to increase employee skills (3 days training) for 20 people, and training on food and beverage services to improve employee skills (3 days training) for 20 people.

Mrs. Chounlachan Phengdy, Chief Training Officer Director of DFICT Mastery Institute of Tourism and Hospitality spoke to Lao Post about why the program was organized. She said, “In these industries, there is still a shortage of experienced personnel in terms of providing quality services, that’s why we want to do our part to help improve upon this.”

According to authorities, training events like this could be organized in the future, based on financial support from external organizations.

Training initiatives like this one play a crucial role in the development of the Hospitality and Tourism sectors in Laos, especially when Laos prepares for an influx of tourists, after declaring 2023-2024 as the year of tourism.

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