Italian Expo Laos – Vientiane 2023 with Italian Trade Agency

Italian Expo Laos - Vientiane 2023 with Italian Trade Agency
Italian Expo Loas 2023, 16-18 March.

The concrete and active commitment of the Italian Trade Agency (ITA) in
collaboration with the Italian Embassy in Bangkok in promoting Italian companies
in the ASEAN region continues.

The event, which will open on Thursday at the National Convention Center called “NCC HALL”; in Vientiane, will feature the presence of the Italian Agency for the first time.

In order to foster the development of business relations between Italy and Laos, the Italian Trade Agency is organizing institutional participation at the event “ITALIAN EXPO LAOS 2023”; by setting up an Italian pavilion.

The event is held with the presence of 62 leading Italian companies active in multiple sectors: agriculture, energy, infrastructure, environment, healthcare, construction, food, wine, furniture, fashion, cosmetics, etc. According to data provided by the organizers, about 5,000 to 6,000 professional visitors are expected, which will allow the scouting activities in a potentially interesting market that currently has issues with the limitation of the development of trade and investment.

With a population of about 8 million people, mostly under the age of 25, Laos is actively working to boost its manufacturing sector. This makes it an ideal partner for Italy to strengthen and solidify its presence.

The Italian Agency – Bangkok Office, together with the Technology and Innovation Sector Office managed the entire organization of the Italian pavilion in setting up and involving qualified local companies, with particular attention to the needs of institutional presentation. Various incisive communication actions and support were
also administered to promote the meetings between local entrepreneurs and representatives of the companies presented at the fair and/or active in the country, including a brochure presenting the companies in the Italian pavilion, press releases, and an e-newsletter.

With the appointment in Vientiane, the Italian Trade Agency continues its concrete commitment in favor of “Made in Italy”; companies, with the realization of the Italian pavilions or “ITALIA” points at the main trade fair events globally.

The extraordinary measures put in place by the Italian Trade Agency (ICE) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Italy (MAECI) in the ASEAN area and the ample feedback received on the occasion of all the events from companies demonstrate how much institutional support is appreciated in a strategic area capable of growing even with two digits-figure, and in sectors with high added value, in which Italian companies have always been able to establish themselves as the solutions for efficiency, excellence, and competitive partnership, guaranteeing high standards of quality, competence, and safety, in line with market needs.

The catalog was created by the Italian Trade Agency – Bangkok Office with the profile of the Italian companies presented at Italian Expo Laos 2023, and will also be distributed at the “ITALIA” information point during the event.