Pakse to Build Walking Streets, Night Markets to Attract Visitors

Sihom walking street in Vientiane Capital.

The city of Pakse will construct new walking streets and night markets in the town center by mid-2023 to attract more domestic and international visitors.

The first round of construction comprising walking streets and night markets will be along the main road near Wat Luang temple on the SeDon river’s banks and Souphanouvong Bridge.

KPL reports that officials from the Pakse Industry and Commerce Department have visited the walking streets and night markets of Vientiane Capital, Savannakhet, and Luang Prabang to observe and plan for the construction in Pakse.

The department expects that walking streets and night markets will promote and support local products of the city, as well as Lao products, and generate income for locals.

Walking streets and the night market in the capital city of Vientiane have always been landmarks for residents and tourists alike to shop and sample local and exotic food like dancing shrimp, crocodile meat, and beer voun, which is a type of jelly beer.

Despite its popularity, the walking street or night market in Vientiane also sees numerous vehicles passing through. However, the police have now put up traffic cones prohibiting vehicles from traveling on the street during the evening.