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Jennifer Yu Cheng Girls Impact Foundation Partners with Industry Leaders to Offer Teen Girls Head Start on “CareerXploration”

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“JYCIF CareerXplorer” is set to engage, inspire, and activate teen girls through immersive, real-world work experiences

HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 29 March 2023 – Jobs in the digital age, and the skills and competencies required to fill them, are transforming at an unprecedented rate. Students who leave school with industry-valued experiences are more likely to pursue higher education and successfully navigate their career journeys, finds a recent study by researchers at Victoria University.

JYCGIF “10,000 Girls4Girls Coding+” programme aims to empower 10,000 teen girls by 2025 by equipping them with digital skills “plus” leadership experiences, university and pre-career preparation, and networking opportunities to lead in a world of innovation.

Knowing that teen girls require exposure to career possibilities early on, and to empower them to tap into their talents and pursue their unique interests, Jennifer Yu Cheng Girls Impact Foundation (“JYCGIF”) recently launched the “JYCGIF CareerXplorer Programme (“JYCGIF CareerXplorer”) as part of its flagship 10,000 Girls4Girls Coding+ initiative.

Through projects and activities designed in collaboration with leading corporate partners in the region, including Hang Seng Bank, HKSTP, Intuitive Fosun, Smart Farming, and more, JYCGIF CareerXplorer will offer more than 500 teen girls immediate relevance to the real world – helping them map out educational and extracurricular goals leading to their future careers. The JYCGIF CareerXplorer’s real world immersive work experiences, aimed at activating, engaging, and inspiring them, will offer teen girls a head start on achieving their career goals.

Inspiring teen girls to map out their goals to become future ready leaders

JYCGIF CareerXplorer will provide hands-on opportunities for real world learning through interactive exposure to workplaces in high tech, ESG, tourism, retail, finance, entertainment, medicine, and other industries. In its first two events, on 25 March and 1 April 2023, JYCGIF CareerXplorer invited teen girls into the world of MedTech and Smart Agriculture through workshops led by Intuitive Fosun, on the evolution of surgery, and Smart Farming, on smart technology’s role in helping to solve food shortages around the world. Moving forward, we will collaborate with supporting organisations on a series of JYC CareerXplorer workshops aimed at giving students an inside track to the real world of work.

“Our future world will be fueled by today’s talents,” said Jennifer Yu Cheng, Founder of JYCGIF. “We are working to provide the teen girls in our programmes every opportunity to discover their intrinsic talents as well as the resources they need to cultivate them and pursue them in school, university, careers, and beyond.”

Through JYCGIF CareerXplorer, teen girls will engage with professionals from diverse sectors and industries and try their hand at different positions. They will leave with work experience, a taste of entrepreneurship, and industry credentials – but mostly, they will feel inspired and motivated to dream BIG and pursue their greatest ambitions.

JYCGIF’s “10,000 Girls4Girls Coding+” programme aims to empower 10,000 teen girls by 2025 by equipping them with digital skills “plus” leadership experiences, university and pre-career preparation, and networking opportunities to lead in a world of innovation.

Looking forward, JYCGIF will continue to work closely with international and local stakeholders to empower teen girls with the education access, tech skills and mindset, and inspiration and confidence to lead in a future world and workplace.

Schools, youth groups, and other organizations interested in learning more about JYCGIF are invited to visit: https://www.jycgirlsimpact.org/ or follow JYCGIF IG or Facebook for more updates about events and activities.



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About Jennifer Yu Cheng Girls Impact Foundation

Jennifer Yu Cheng Girls Impact Foundation (“JYCGIF”) is non-profit charitable organisation focused on educating, inspiring, and empowering teenage girls to become “future ready leaders” – proactive, digitally savvy decision makers who leave a major local and global footprint. JYCGIF is on a unique mission to uplift the status of women in society and in the workplace by building the strongest pipeline of teenage girls who are both inspired and equipped with the future ready resources, skills and mindset to become tomorrow’s leaders. For over a year now, JYCGIF has been providing teen girls with a variety of STEM learning and leadership development opportunities that rest on three pillars: “Future-Ready Leadership Development”, “STEM Exposure and Skills” and “Education Access.” JYCGIF’s signature programmes include “10,000 Girls4Girls Coding+” and the first “FutureGen Girls Leadership Summit”.

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