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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Lao Officials Confiscate KIP 4 Billion Worth of Illegal and Expired Products in 2022

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In a recent public meeting, the Ministry of Industry and Commerce reported that they confiscated over KIP 4 billion worth of illegal or expired products in 2022.

Minister Malaithong Kommasith said that in the past year, there were 859 cases of vendors violating regulations, including selling out-of-date products and operating without legal registration.

The confiscated products included out-of-date items, non-regulated products, non-regulated cigarettes, and copyright-infringed products, with a total value of KIP 4 billion (USD 227,975). So far, 855 of the cases have been solved, with only four still pending. Those found in violation were fined according to the regulations.

The Ministry is also collaborating with other relevant authorities to prevent illegal trade and informing vendors that the police have the authority to seize and destroy any products found to be expired or unregistered with the Ministry.

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