Some Services for Migrant Workers Paused Ahead of Elections in Thailand

A migrant worker in Bangkok. Photo Credit: Nation Thailand.

Officials in Bangkok say that they have suspended some services for migrant workers to ensure the country’s general election goes smoothly.

According to the city’s deputy permanent secretary, Chatree Wattanakhajorn, services like registration, updating records, and making ID cards for workers from Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and Vietnam will be suspended until May 15, reports Nation Thailand.

Authorities have taken this step to gurantee that all district offices are able to cope with the increase workload ahead of the elections and they face no obstacles executing the same.

Citizens of Thailand will be casting their vote on May 14, Sunday, between 8 am to 5 pm for constituency and party-list MPs.  Regular services will resume as usual from May 16.

Thailand has been also seeing an increased influx of Lao workers in recent months due to high inflation and increased cost of living in their home country.