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aelf Enables Payment of Transaction Fees Using Multiple Tokens

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HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 13 April 2023 – aelf blockchain is enabling payment of transaction fees using multiple tokens, including mainstream tokens and stablecoins. Users can simply use their Contract Accounts Wallet (CA Wallet) for various payments. With Web3 significantly improving interoperability, accepting multiple tokens for transaction fee payment is a major milestone for enhancing the openness and inclusiveness of public chains. It also creates the foundation for supporting more diverse applications from other ecosystems and connecting them to aelf.

By supporting various tokens as payment methods, aelf sets to create significance and value for the token issuers, project owners and users, offering more opportunities for cooperation and achieving more commercial value for various applications and services. Token issuers can extend the use cases of their tokens and connect them to aelf ecosystem to enhance their liquidity. Project owners can expand their range of applications to increase their competitiveness, attracting more potential users and creating more traffic. Users can enjoy the convenience and flexibility of using different tokens across different chains.

As a public chain, enabling payment of transaction fees using multiple tokens is a significant step forward in widening the use of blockchain technology across industries. It also plays a critical role in promoting Web3 interoperability and the openness and inclusiveness of public chains. By creating a more connected, open, and inclusive blockchain ecosystem, users can enjoy seamless asset transfer between chains, lower transaction fees using the most cost-effective token, and increased flexibility to meet specific needs. Enterprise users can also use the platform to build highly efficient and scalable blockchain solutions.

aelf is excited to launch this new service to enable payment of transaction fees using multiple tokens, which helps to provide a more connected, open, and inclusive blockchain ecosystem. The highly efficient and customizable blockchain infrastructure can support a wide range of applications from different chains, facilitating users’ payments across various chains. aelf hopes this service can help more enterprises to unveil and utilize the full potential of blockchain and realize the benefits of a more integrated blockchain ecosystem.

As a cloud-native, next-gen, layer-1 blockchain with excellent single-chain performance and built-in cross-chain function, aelf provides an environment that supports smart contracts to run at high speed, enables the execution of smart contracts in parallel, and realizes smart contract microservitization on server clusters.

For users, aelf has an ever-growing ecosystem consisting of the most trending areas in crypto space, from DEX and NFT marketplace to wallet and IDO platforms. For developers, aelf provides a complete set of frameworks and DApps development tools, including blockchain explorer, browser extension wallet, mobile app wallet, multi-language SDKs, aelf CLI, event handler, aelf boilerplate, contract template and code generator, etc. Also, aelf’s built-in governance mechanism guarantees a truly decentralized, secure, and stable blockchain network.

The service is already on Testnet starting from April 12, 2023, and it is estimated to go live on Mainnet on April 21, 2023.

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About aelf

aelf is a high-performance blockchain designed to support the development of Web3 and its explosion in the next 5 to 10 years. Built on cloud computing, aelf has a distributed network of nodes on various cloud data centers. Multiple tools like browser extensions, aelf blockchain explorer, wallet App, and SDKs have been built and open-sourced so that developers can easily build and contribute to aelf ecosystem.


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