Laos, Thailand Take Action as “Seven Deadly Days” of New Year Begins

Laos, Thailand take action as “Seven Deadly Days” of New Year Begins
Traffic in Laos. ( Photo : golaostours )

A total of 687 accidents occurred across Laos and Thailand on 11-12 April, the first two days of the new year week, causing 71 deaths and 655 injuries.

The Traffic Police Department in Vientiane Capital has reported that the first two days of the new year week saw 70 accidents happen all over the country, resulting in 8 deaths, 122 injuries, and 116 damaged vehicles.

In Thailand, the Road Safety Centre and associated agencies reported that on 11-12 April, the first and second day of Songkran’s “seven deadly days”, 617 road accidents occurred across the country, with 63 deaths and 543 injuries.

At 41.3 percent, speeding was the main cause of accidents in Thailand, followed by cutting in front of other vehicles at 22.12 percent. About 83.97 percent of vehicles involved in the accidents were motorcycles.

Thai Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Department Chief Boontham Lertsukheekaseum has urged motorists to strictly abide by traffic regulations, and the same has been done by Lao authorities as well.

Officials in some provinces have also put out rules and regulations for citizens to abide by, to create a safe travel environment during the Lao New Year.

The Traffic Police Department in Vientiane has said that traffic police will be on duty across the country, including in residential areas, tourist locations, and accident hotspots.

In Vientiane Capital, a team of over 480 police officers will be stationed at temples and nine other public spots. 

While other provinces like Vientiane, Salavanh, and Savannakhet have prepared their police force to be stationed across the region, and to ensure the safety of the people taking part in the new year celebrations.