Laos Sees 194 Accidents During Lao New Year

Laos Saw 194 Accidents During Lao New Year
One of the accidents that happened during Lao New Year (photo: Lao Security News)

The country recorded 194 accidents during the three days celebrations of Lao New Year last week. 

During the Lao New Year period, which lasted from 14 April to 16 April, 193 road accidents took place in Laos, claiming the lives of 18 people, injuring 348, and damaging 337 vehicles, according to Laos Security News.

Lao Youth Radio reported that Champasack saw the highest number of accidents. The province observed a total of 52 accidents, which is 14 higher than last year, killing three people.

Vientiane Capital, on the other hand, recorded 20 accidents, three lower than last year’s figures. The accidents resulted in three deaths, as well.

A majority of the accidents had motorbikes colliding with cars or other motorbikes, motorcyclists losing control and falling, and motorcycles crashing into pedestrians.

Additionally, authorities cited speeding, intoxication, swerving, and sudden changes in direction as the main causes of these accidents.