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WelPet Biotech Debuts at the World Veterinary Association Congress as Taiwan’s Only SQF-Certified Pet Health Food Factory

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TAIPEI, TAIWAN – Media OutReach – 21 April 2023 – The quality of pet health foods available on the market varies, and consumers may struggle with nutrition information labeling or verifying the appropriateness and effectiveness of ingredients for their pets.

Moreso, pet owners commonly believe that pet supplements are food and can be consumed without limits, resulting in excessive intake of inappropriate nutrients and threatening the health of their pets. Therefore, product certification is very important and can better ensure the quality and safety of products through professional third-party inspection and auditing.

Multiple veterinarians unanimously recommend SQF certification as a quality assurance for pet health products. By highlighting the significance of SQF certification, consumers will be more confident in the quality of pet health food products.

This certification process is highly rigorous and demands strict compliance with standards across four categories and 53 testing items, encompassing raw materials, finished products, packaging materials, and water quality. Presently, only 0.4% of pet food factories worldwide meet the standards for Level 3 certification. The “SQF Quality Shield” can only be marked on products with SQF Level 3 certification, which signifies the safety of both the production process and the product’s quality.

We’ll display our latest research and development technology and a comprehensive intelligent formula database at the World Veterinary Association Congress in April. Through our participation in this exhibition, we aim to introduce more pet owners and veterinarians to the benefits of our SQF quality shield supplements and improve the overall quality of the pet health food market.

At WelPet, in addition to high-quality pet supplements, we collaborate with vets to promote pet health literacy. Our OEM/ODM one-stop services ensure all products are of high quality and marked with the SQF quality shield. WelPet also invites industry elites interested in pet health food to visit and assures the most rigorous processes and services to ensure pet health.

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