BeerLao Announces New Price Hikes Effective From May


Lao Brewery Company has issued a notice informing customers about an increase in prices for some of their products, starting this month.

In a notice to consumers in Laos, the company confirmed that it has raised the prices for some of its products that are sold in crates and cartons from 3 May onwards.

The reason for the price rise wasn’t clarified in the notice.

Among some of the changes, the price of the Beerlao 640 ml bottle crate has increased to LAK 164,000 from LAK 158,000, while the Beerlao bottle 640 ml carton rate was raised from LAK 154,000 to LAK 160,000.

Additionally, the Beerlao 500 ml can carton price has gone up from LAK 293,000 to LAK 299,000 since its first price adjustment this year.

However, the recent price hikes would not apply to all products, as listed in the notice.