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Laos Records Trade Deficit of USD 17 Million in April

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The country’s trade deficit for April clocked in at USD 17 million, which was the lowest figure since January.

The overall value of trade in Laos was USD 947 billion in April this year, with USD 465  million in exports and USD 482 million in imports, according to the latest report from the  Lao Trade Portal.

Among the major exports for April were cassava, gold, potassium chloride, paper, bananas, clothes, and iron ore. The biggest import categories were diesel, mechanical equipment, land vehicles, gasoline, and steel products.

Thailand remained Laos’ biggest market for imports, while China continued to be its leading source of exports. Vietnam, the United States, and Japan were also among the top import and export trade partners of Laos in April.

The top five countries that imported products from Laos were China at USD 196 million, Vietnam at USD 82 million, Thailand at USD 60 million, Australia at USD 35 million, and Singapore at USD 26 million.

The top five countries that exported products to Laos in April included Thailand at USD 241 million, China at USD 144 million, Vietnam at USD 29 million, the United States at USD 14 million, and Japan at USD 12 million.

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