Lao Police Vow to Promote More Women to Leadership Positions

Lao Police Vow to Promote More Women to Leadership Positions
A high-ranked officer congratulates a female officer for her success (photo: Laopost)

Police forces in Laos have set a goal to promote more women to senior positions by 2025.

The decision was taken during a meeting on Wednesday at the Ministry of Public Security that saw attendance from relevant departments from the Ministry.

The focus of the meeting was to discuss plans and strategies to promote gender equality and empower women within the police forces.

One of the strategies discussed was to update the Committee for the Progress of Women and Mothers and Children at various levels and improve its system to raise awareness and promote women’s empowerment.

According to Mr. Vilaykham Sisanon, head of the Department of Legislation and Law, Ministry of Public Security, the ministry emphasized the importance of improving the organization of leadership at all levels to effectively achieve the goal of promoting gender equality.

Male and female officers pose for a group photo (photo: Lao security news)

In 2022, there were 70 female officers in leadership positions, a decrease of 7 compared to 2021, while the number of female police officers promoted to the rank of colonel increased by 30.01 percent compared to the previous year.

By promoting the advancement of women in law enforcement, the Ministry of Public Security is taking important steps toward achieving gender equality and empowering women. With a goal in place and strategies being discussed, the organization is striving to create career opportunities for women and build staff capacity.