Big C Hypermarket to Open in Laos Next Year

Big C Hypermarket to Open in Laos Next Year
A Big C retail store in Thailand. ( Photo : Retail in Asia )

Big C, a Bangkok-based grocery and general merchandising retailer, has commenced construction of its first hypermarket in Laos, with plans to open its doors next year.

Thailand’s second-largest hypermarket operator has operations in four countries, namely Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos. The new hypermarket which will open in Laos is part of the company’s expansion plan for the region.

The company has had a presence in Laos since 2019, when it took over a chain of Lao convenience stores that were rebranded as Mini Big C. The brand has established itself in becoming a staple of the Lao economy, with over 51 convenience stores operating across Vientiane Capital.

The Big C hypermarket has locations across different countries with different formats for each. The new double-story Big C hypermarket, which will open near ITECC shopping mall, is being constructed over 8,500 square meters and will not be a duplicate of other hypermarkets as the format has been adapted for Laos.

According to an insider, the Big C hypermarket in Laos will be specially adapted to the Lao market, with products ranging from canned foods, fresh meat and vegetables, appliances, and clothes. The hypermarket will showcase products sourced locally and imported products from Thailand, China, Vietnam, and European countries.

A source close to the development declined to comment on which companies are involved in the project, but did confirm that Laotian investors are also participating. The opening of this hypermarket is expected to have a positive impact on the Lao economy, providing jobs and foreign investments into the country.

With construction on the hypermarket beginning early this year, the first Big C supercenter in Laos aims to open its doors to the public by April next year.