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Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Bokeo Police Seize Crystal Methamphetamine Concealed in Tea Packets

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Police found crystal methamphetamine being smuggled inside tea packets in Houayxay District, Bokeo Province on Wednesday.

Throughout the investigation, police discovered about 150 bags of crystal methamphetamine, two military backpacks, and tea packets labeled in Chinese and English languages.

PL Bokeo news reports that six police officers were stationed at a temporary checkpoint on Wednesday when they spotted a Hyundai pickup truck without a license plate coming in their direction and asked the vehicle to stop for a routine inspection. However, instead of stopping, the driver ran over the checkpoint at high speed.

The district police followed the suspicious vehicle before it crashed on the side of the road, but the driver managed to flee the scene.

Crystal Methamphetamine was smuggled under the label “Qing Shan” and the description “Specially selected and processed from the finest and tender raw tea leaves.” Aromatic and smooth in flavor.”

No injuries or damages were reported following the incident. Police in the province will investigate the incident and continue their search for the driver.

Earlier this month, Bokeo police reported an accident involving a drug smuggler carrying over 7 million amphetamine pills in a car that collided with a house while the driver was attempting to escape the police.
After the accident, the trafficker immediately fled the scene, and the police in the province discovered three license plates in the vehicle.

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