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Vientiane Capital Calls on Residents to Minimize Water Use During Dry Season

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Vientiane residents have been advised to limit their usage of water as the city experiences increasing water shortages.

During the dry season, residents in Vientiane Capital have reported severe water shortages and poor water supply quality.

In response to complaints from residents, Vientiane Water Supply State Enterprise has requested them to minimize water usage and store water in case of emergency due to power cuts.

The enterprise issued a notice online explaining that the water pressure is irregular and insufficient at the moment as the increased demand for water along with the hot and stormy weather has led to water shortage in some areas in the capital.

Some facilities, including water pumps, have also been disrupted due to electricity outages, in some high and remote areas and that also has caused a delay to the water supply.

Residents may call hotline numbers 1169, 02059918830, and 020 29986580 to report water-related incidents.

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