Laos, Malaysia Ink Deal to Collaborate on Clean Electricity

Lao, Malaysia Ink Deal to Collaborate on Clean Electricity
Electricity transmission towers with orange glowing wires against night sky. ( Photo : Freepik )

Electricite du Laos and TNB Power Generation Sdn Bhd (TNB Genco) signed an MoU on Thursday to explore energy investment collaborations in renewable energy projects in Laos.

The MoU is the latest step in a long history between the Lao and Malaysian energy sectors, including the first cross-border power trade in the ASEAN region under the Lao-Thailand-Malaysia-Singapore Power Integration Project (LTMS-PIP).

As per the MoU, the two countries will explore more trade and investment opportunities in this sector.

During the MoU signing ceremony, Mr. Chanthaboum Soukalom, Managing Director of EDL said that the MoU shows that power trade is possible in the region and is a step towards the realization of the ASEAN Power Grid (APG).

He said, “We will continue to partner and cooperate with TNB under the LTMS Project through which we successfully traded power to Singapore through two different countries. It is once again another step forward to the realization of the APG Grid.”

He noted that although Laos is known as a hydropower-rich country in the region, it still has the potential to explore other clean energy sources, as the nation attempts to lead the region in clean energy production.

The Lao-Thailand-Malaysia-Singapore Power Integration Project was created to import 100 megawatts (MW) of renewable hydropower from Laos to Singapore via Thailand and Malaysia using existing interconnections.