Development of Hello Kitty World Halts in Vietnam After Four Years

Hello Kitty World to Cease Development in Vietnam After Four Years
Hello Kitty Park IN Hangzhou, China. (Photo: Trip)

The Department of Investment and Planning in Hanoi, Vietnam has issued a decision to stop construction on a park project dubbed Sanrio Hello Kitty World Hanoi in Tay Ho District, after investors broke ground four years ago.

According to the department, the developers, BRG Group were no longer allowed to use the land that the project was allocated. 

It was also noted that the developers failed to complete the required procedures for updating new investment locations within six months of revoking land usage rights.

Earlier, BRG Group had made a request on 20 December 2022 to halt the execution of the project in order to resume the investment process.

A representative from BRG clarified that the suspension of the Hello Kitty park project does not reflect any financial constraints of the company, adding that the group will coordinate with Japan’s Sanrio Group to determine a new location for the project.

According to the project plan announced in May 2019, Sanrio Hello Kitty World Hanoi would cover an area of 30,000 square meters. The park is expected to feature diverse amusement activities, including entertainment games, parade shows, and theaters.

The park also would have been Sanrio’s first entertainment complex in Southeast Asia.