Laos to See Rain, Strong Winds, Thunderstorms This Week

A resident of Vientiane is walking through the rain. (Photo: Nouthaphone Simmavong)

Laos will see warm temperatures, heavy rain, and thunderstorms across the country this week.

The country will experience warm temperatures and moderate to heavy rainfall, accompanied by strong winds from 19 June to 25 June, according to the Department of Meteorology and Hydrology.

In Vientiane Capital, the weather will be partly cloudy with moderate rain, thunderstorms, and strong winds predicted in the forecast. The temperature will range from 24 to 32 degrees.

The Northwest region will experience moderate rainfall, lightning, and thunderstorms. Temperatures will hover between 19 to 31 degrees.

The Northeast can expect hot weather, with rain, thunderstorms, lightning, and moderate to strong winds as well. The temperature will vary from 22 to 35 degrees.

In the Central Region, hot weather with thunderstorms will prevail alongside moderate to heavy rain and strong winds in some areas. Temperatures will vary from 23 to 33 degrees.

Xaysomboun Province may experience partly cloudy conditions; strong winds, rain, thunderstorms, and lightning in certain areas. It will experience temperatures between 17 to 28 degrees.

Southern Laos will also encounter hot weather with moderate rainfall. Thunderstorms, lightning, and strong winds are likely to be seen here as well. The temperature will range from 23 to 35 degrees.

The Bolaven Plateau will remain cool in the morning. Thunderstorms, light clouds, and high winds may affect certain areas. The temperature will remain between 17 to 27 degrees.