NA Member Urges Lao Govt to Raise Salaries for Civil Servants

A civil servant examination at the Ministry of Finance in 2022.

A constituent from Bolikhamxay has asked the government at the ongoing Ninth National Assembly’s Fifth Ordinary Session to increase the monthly remuneration of civil servants amid high inflation and increased cost of living.

The Bolikhamxay constituent of District 11, Mr. Oudom Vongkaisone, spoke on the issue, urging the government to look for solutions so that civil servants and workers in Laos are compensated fairly for their work.

According to him, civil servants, especially experts in government sectors, earn an average monthly salary of approximately LAK 2 million (about USD 105), but their actual living expenses are possibly higher as the price of commodities and services has gone up considerably within the country.

Mr. Oudom said that the government should increase allowances, provide financial support, and consider policies to assist civil servants with ongoing economic issues.

“Workers in Laos must have their wages increased to keep up with the rising inflation rate; otherwise, the workers will suffer, and the factories will close,” added the Bolikhamxay constituent.

The National Assembly increased the cost of living allowances for civil servants and retired senior employees by LAK 150,000 per person (around USD 7) per month in early 2023.

During a National Assembly session last week, Mr. Xayadeth Phouiyavong, a constituent of Savannakhet’s District 13, asked the government to adjust factory workers’ wages based on current exchange rates between LAK and USD, to keep them from leaving for better opportunities in other countries.