Vientiane’s First Pedestrian Footbridge Faces Construction Delays

File photo of the footbridge under construction. (Photo Credit: Monlady Sisouliyavongsa).

The construction of the first public pedestrian footbridge in Vientiane Capital remains unfinished even though it was supposed to be ready within four months.

The bridge’s construction was announced in early March near Laos-Vietnam Friendship High School to ensure the safety of the students in Vientiane’s Saysettha District.

Residents of the district complained about traffic congestion and inconvenience caused by the bridge’s primary construction, which has made little progress to date.

According to the Head of the Department of Public Works and Transport, Mr. Soulivanh Phommahaxay, who spoke with Laotian Times,  the bridge is being built by a local consulting agency in Laos and is line with the government’s socioeconomic development plan of 2021-2025.

Although authorities vowed to wrap up construction in four months’ time, well before students resume school in September, it is believed to have been delayed due to the rainy season.

This week, the Department of Public Works and Transport in the capital city of Vientiane is likely to comment on the exact reasons for the delay.