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Dengue Fever Outbreak Worsens as Monsoon Rains Continue

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Health authorities in Laos have reported a significant increase in dengue fever cases across the country, raising concerns among officials and prompting urgent preventive measures.

The total number of cases recorded this year reached 18,337, with 198 new cases reported recently, according to the Center of Information and Education for Health.

The most affected region in the outbreak is Oudomxay Province, where 3,849 cases have been recorded, followed closely by Khammouane Province with 2,894 cases. Vientiane Capital has recorded 1,675 cases.

Two deaths due to dengue fever were reported in Bolikhamxay and Xayaboury provinces.

Health authorities are attributing the surge in cases to various factors, primarily the lack of public awareness regarding precautionary measures to prevent mosquito bites, which act as the main mode of transmission for dengue fever.

As a year-round threat, the risk of contracting the disease is particularly high during the monsoon season, spanning from May to September.

Symptoms of dengue fever include sudden onset fever, severe headaches, pain behind the eyes, muscle and joint pain, and rash. In severe cases, the disease can progress to dengue hemorrhagic fever, which can be fatal if not recognized and treated promptly.

Health officials are urging residents to take immediate action and implement preventive measures, including clearing potential mosquito breeding sites around homes and workplaces.

As the outbreak continues to pose a threat to public health, all citizens are urged to remain vigilant and actively participate in preventive efforts to combat dengue fever. By taking collective action and following health guidelines, the nation can effectively reduce the spread of the disease and protect the well-being of its people.

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