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Over 300 Animals Confiscated in Wildlife Trafficking Crackdown

This Week

In a two-day operation supported by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Laos last week, authorities in Dak Cheung District, Sekong Province, seized over 300 animals as part of efforts to combat wildlife trafficking and the sale of endangered and protected species.

According to a KPL report, officials from the enforcement unit of the law on aquatic animals and wildlife in Sekong Province and the Agriculture and Forestry Office of Dak Cheung District worked together to investigate and nab wildlife trafficking in the area.

The primary focus was on identifying and confiscating animals that are prohibited for sale due to their rapidly dwindling population and conservation-related efforts.

During the inspection, a total of 338 animals were confiscated, although 36 of them, unfortunately, died during the rescue process. Red squirrels, flying squirrels, chickens, and doves were among the deceased animals, while the remaining 302 animals were various bird species.

All the live animals were safely released back into the wild, while the deceased animals were properly disposed of.

This successful operation, supported by the WWF Laos, highlights the commitment of the Lao government to protect the country’s wildlife and nature. Such efforts contribute to the overall well-being of both humans and animals, ensuring a sustainable future for all.

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