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DrGo launches innovative DrGo Me+ personalised nutritional supplement pack

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Handy packets tailored with professional health survey to address daily nutritional needs

HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 31 August 2023 – HKT (SEHK: 6823) DrGo, HKT’s one-stop telemedicine platform, announced the launch of DrGo Me+, an innovative personalised nutritional supplement pack. Based on advice from professional nutritionist and pharmaceutical body, DrGo Me+ puts together customised nutritional supplements in handy daily packets and delivers them directly to the user’s doorstep. DrGo Me+ revolutionises the concept of bespoke healthcare, providing users with a more convenient and tailored approach to a healthy lifestyle.

DrGo Me+'s
DrGo Me+’s “My Personalised Supplement Pack” revolutionises personalised nutrition by pre-packaging users’ daily nutritional supplements, as recommended by nutritionist, into individual packs for unparalleled convenience and portability.

“My Personalised Supplement Pack”: Professional nutritional care tailored to personal needs
Driven by its commitment to leveraging advanced technology for effortless personal health management, DrGo has presented an innovative solution for personalised nutrition supplementation through DrGo Me+.

By simply accessing the DrGo Me+ platform, users are guided through a survey1 designed by a nutritionist and validated by the Hong Kong Pharmaceutical Care Foundation, aiming to provide insights about their lifestyle, dietary habits, and health goals. Upon completion of the survey, DrGo will instantly generate a curated list of recommended supplements tailored for the user, with information on the health benefits of each type of supplement.

Daily personalised pack of supplements, meeting user’s daily nutritional supplement needs
DrGo Me+ packages the supplements into personalised daily packs according to daily requirements before dispatching them to the user’s designated location in Hong Kong. With just one pack a day or to take as needed, users can effortlessly meet their nutritional supplement needs, sparing them from the hassle of storing and carrying multiple bottles while helping to reduce the chance of missing doses, hence help to reap the most benefits from the supplements.

DrGo Me+ offers monthly subscription plans spanning 30 or 90 days that can be cancelled or modified2. With an average price of HK$282, users can enjoy a 30-day plan of up to four supplements that cater to their health needs along with delivery, ensuring that their health regimen will not be interrupted.

Teresa Ng, Chief Commercial Officer of DrGo, said, “The consumption of health supplements as a means to enhance one’s wellbeing has become a growing trend. Even the younger members of the workforce are seeking nutritional supplements to improve their physical health and augment their work performance. Yet the market is overflowing with a bewildering variety of such products, often making it difficult for consumers to find products that genuinely cater to their health needs. They may also realise, only after consumption, that the product has fallen short of their expectations. Professional guidance is rarely sought prior to making such purchases. DrGo Me+ aims to address these challenges by empowering users with an understanding of their personal nutritional needs with professional guidance. From the comfort of their homes, users can access nutritional supplements tailored to their personal health needs conveniently and efficiently.”

Terry Chiu, Council Member of the Hong Kong Health Foods Association and collaborating partner of DrGo, said, “A survey3 conducted by the Hong Kong Health Foods Association in October 2020 revealed that about 90% of respondents are in the habit of purchasing health products. Notably, nearly 40% of those polled indicated that they had purchased more health products since the onset of the pandemic, with the intention of bolstering their immunity. These findings underscore the public’s eager pursuit of health products that are of high quality and effective.”

S.C. Chiang, Director from the Hong Kong Pharmaceutical Care Foundation emphasised the crucial importance of expert advice in maximising benefits derived from nutritional supplements. “Distinct health challenges, such as sleep irregularities, psychological stress, skin conditions as well as gastrointestinal and immune health, can be addressed through the intake of specific nutrients. However, an individual’s nutritional state is shaped by various factors, including dietary habits and lifestyle. This means that the supplementary nutrients and dosage required differ markedly from person to person. A bespoke nutritional plan, therefore, is more effective in meeting individual needs. In fact, the medical community consistently advises that the public consults with professionals prior to taking health products to help prevent excessive intake, which could lead to failure to deliver the expected health benefits and trigger adverse reactions.”

To experience personalised nutritional supplement packs from DrGo Me+, please visit our website at www.drgohealthstore.com.hk/meplus-supplement/.

To register with DrGo, please download the DrGo app at https://drgohkt.page.link/download_app. For more details, please call DrGo’s service hotline at +852 2380 2323 or visit DrGo’s website at www.drgo.com.hk.


1 The survey and suggestions of supplements were designed by nutritionist Mandy Wong and endorsed by the Hong Kong Pharmaceutical Care Foundation.

2 A user’s subscription of personalised pack will be automatically renewed every 30 / 90 days (depending on whether the user has subscribed to a 30-day or 90-day plan). A user may cancel or modify the automatic renewals at least 3 days prior to the expiry date of the 30-day / 90-day plan.

3 The survey was conducted by the Hong Kong Health Foods Association from 5 to 18 October 2020, during the 2020 epidemic period, on Hong Kong people’s health supplement consumption habits, with 570 individuals successfully interviewed and a 92% response rate.

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About DrGo
DrGo is an end-to-end app-based platform connecting users with Hong Kong registered medical practitioners, Hong Kong registered / listed Chinese medicine practitioners and other healthcare professionals who will provide medical and healthcare consultation services and advice via video consultation on mobile device. Certain prescribed medicine will be delivered to the user’s designated address. DrGo is the first HealthTech platform pioneered by HKT, offering convenient telehealthcare services via on an end-to-end app-based platform developed and managed locally by HKT professionals. With HKT’s advanced technologies, the entire consultation journey, including service registration, appointment booking, video consultation and payment will take place with encryption, aiming at protecting users’ privacy.

DrGo users in Hong Kong can get access to a one-stop healthcare consultation via their mobile devices. They can speak to medical practitioners, Hong Kong registered / listed Chinese medicine practitioners or other healthcare professional from their home or workplace without the need to making a physical visit or queuing at a hospital or clinic. Remote consultation provides sense of ease and convenience, which is particularly important at a time when social distancing is critical during the current pandemic. Furthermore, DrGo received the “Technology – Best Telemedicine Mobile App” award from The Global Economics Awards 2022 and took Silver in the “Public Affairs and Social Innovation” category of Asia Smart App Awards 2021. These significant global awards are testament to DrGo’s cutting-edge innovation and professional service standard, which have earned the trust of its customers.

At present, DrGo is partnering with over 100 healthcare professionals from the below medical organisations to provide remote telemedicine and healthcare services: Amazing Medical, Ascendo Health, Dr Wendy Wong’s Clinic, EC Healthcare, Fu Heng Medical Center, Gleneagles Hospital, Healthkit Medical Centre, Hong Kong Medical Concierge, Human Health Medical Centre, Max Medical, Mental Health Association of Hong Kong, Pop Point Medical Center, Precious Blood Hospital (Caritas), Premier of Professional Medical Care Center, Quality Healthcare Medical Services Limited and River Cam Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture Clinic.

About DrGo Me+
All information, recommendation and statements provided under DrGo Me+, including, without limitation, any supplement and other recommendations are merely recommendation only and are not in any way intended to prevent, diagnose, treat or cure any illness; and users are free to decide whether or not to purchase any supplement or other products or services at DrGo Health Store after conducting the survey under DrGo Me+. Supplements recommended by DrGo Me+ are not registered under the Pharmacy and Poisons Ordinance nor the Chinese Medicine Ordinance. Any claim made for or in relation to such supplements has not been subject to evaluation for such registration.

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