Lao Ford City Donates Supplies to Hands of Hope School for the Deaf

Lao Ford City Donates Supplies to Hands of Hope School for the Deaf
Lao Ford City staff, Roger Dunn pose for a group photo with Hands of Hope students (photo: Lao Ford City)

On Friday, 8 September, Lao Ford City and Roger Dunn, an American volunteer who has lived in Laos for five years, visited the Hands of Hope School for the deaf in Vientiane Capital to donate much-needed kitchen supplies after the school’s recent break-in.

Hands of Hope School for the Deaf was founded in 2010 by a group of Lao and international volunteers now run by Sophaphone Heuanglith, the current director, who wanted to provide education and opportunity for deaf youth in Laos. Many deaf children in Laos are unable to attend school due to discrimination, a lack of resources, and an inability to pay school fees.

Hands of Hope aims to equip these students with academic and vocational skills so they can support themselves and contribute to society. The school currently serves 22 residential students ages 5-15, providing them with free education, housing, meals, and medical care.

Lao Ford City is a Ford car dealership that has been serving Vientiane for over a decade. As a prominent local business, Lao Ford City believes in giving back and assisting charitable causes that uplift the Lao community. Last month, they made a large donation of food, water, and supplies to aid victims of major flooding in southern Laos.

Participants from Lao Ford City included Thavysok Siriphone, Sales and Operations Manager, and Thipphachan Sengoudone, Marketing Manager. Additionally, Wayne Mcintosh, Managing Director of Automotive at RMA Lao, also took part in the donation.

Roger Dunn, has been dedicated to supporting the Hands of Hope mission. He organized a donation drive earlier in September after thieves broke into the school and stole food and essential kitchen supplies. Sadly, he received no donations.

Lao Ford City, Roger Dunn Donate Supplies to Hands of Hope School for the Deaf
Roger handing a bag of supplies to one of the students at Hands of Hope (photo: Lao Ford City)

Lao Ford City generously stepped up to help the school in its time of need. Earlier this month, Roger Dunn accompanied Lao Ford City as they gifted the school with a side-by-side refrigerator, pots and pans, plates and utensils, and gift bags for all the students and staff. This donation will allow Hands of Hope to safely store food and prepare meals for students once again.

The staff and students were overjoyed at the outpouring of support. Lao Ford City plans to keep assisting charitable causes supporting Lao communities. Roger Dunn remains committed to helping the Hands of Hope School continue its valuable mission of educating deaf youth in Laos.