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CUHK Students Making Waves in Environment and Sustainability Research

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HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 17 October 2023 – The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) is proud to highlight the outstanding contributions made by its students in the field of Environment and Sustainability. Through their groundbreaking research and unwavering dedication, CUHK students are leading the way in driving positive change towards a sustainable future. Today, we shine a spotlight on two exceptional individuals, Aldilla Noor RAKHIEMAH and Alissa Victoria BASS, who exemplify the research support and excellence that CUHK offers.

Advancing Sustainable Development and Environmental Conservation

Aldilla Noor RAKHIEMAH, an Indonesian PhD graduate in Geography and Resource Management at CUHK, is making significant strides in understanding the socio-economic factors that influence sustainable development and environmental conservation. Her research, supported by CUHK, has led to the development of innovative solutions for pressing environmental issues. Aldilla’s passion for sustainability extends beyond her academic pursuits, as she actively engages in various global initiatives and projects aimed at raising awareness and promoting sustainable practices.

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Exploring the Resilience of Hong Kong’s Seagrass Habitats to Climate Change

United Kingdom native Alissa Victoria BASS, a PhD in Environmental Science student at CUHK, conducts research to understand the vulnerability or resistance of Hong Kong’s seagrass habitats to climate change such as marine heatwaves. By exploring this topic, she hopes to lay the groundwork for future seagrass conservation efforts. Supported by her supervising professors at the School of Life Sciences, Alissa’s research paper is expected to provide valuable insights into the protection of underwater environments not only in Hong Kong but also worldwide.

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Unlocking Boundless Potential: Join the CUHK MPhil/PhD Virtual Info Week and Discover Your Academic Journey

To showcase the exciting MPhil and PhD learning opportunities and the comprehensive research support and facilities available at CUHK, the University is excited to announce the upcoming CUHK MPhil/PhD Virtual Info Week. This event, scheduled from 25 October to 31 October 2023, offers prospective students a unique opportunity to explore the vibrant academic community and the transformative potential of CUHK’s MPhil/PhD programmes. Participants will have the chance to interact with esteemed faculty members and current students, gaining valuable insights into the University’s MPhil and PhD programmes, scholarships, and more.

CUHK’s commitment to research excellence is evident through its multidisciplinary approach and cutting-edge facilities. By fostering an environment that encourages innovative thinking and collaboration, CUHK empowers students to address global challenges through groundbreaking research. The University’s strategic partnerships with leading research institutions and industry leaders further enhance its research capabilities and ensure the practical application of its research findings.

Pursue a PhD at CUHK with the Prestigious Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme (HKPFS)

To attract the best and brightest students from across the globe to pursue their PhD studies at CUHK, CUHK now offers an attractive scholarship via Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme (HKPFS) totaling up to USD$221,000 to the selected HKPFS candidates. The scholarship covers the following:

  • A monthly stipend of HK$27,600 (~ US$3,540)* and a conference travel allowance of HK$13,800 (~ US$1,770)* per year
  • A tuition fee waiver of up to HK$168,400 (~ US$21,600)*
  • An award of HK$40,000 (~ US$5,130)* for lodging in the first year of study and HK$20,000 (~ US$2,560)* in the subsequent years
  • An on-campus hostel fee waiver in the first year of study
  • Guaranteed on-campus accommodation throughout the normative study period for HKPFS awardees who submit timely applications

CUHK invites aspiring researchers and those passionate about Environment and Sustainability to join its vibrant community. Register and explore the research postgraduate opportunities at CUHK in the coming CUHK MPhil/PhD Virtual Info Week: https://www.gs.cuhk.edu.hk/admissions/admissions/mphil_phd_info_week.

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