Vientiane Residents Call for Immediate Action on Garbage Pileup

Vientiane Residents Call for Immediate Action on Garbage Pileup
FILE: bags of garbage (photo: Lao-Phatthana)

Social media users in Vientiane have expressed their anger and frustration over the local garbage collection service’s prolonged delays in clearing the roads of trash bags.

Dozens of Facebook users have brought to light the ongoing problem through numerous comments and posts calling Vientiane Waste Co-Dev out for the poor service. 

According to the complaints, the issue extends across multiple districts, including Saysettha, Xaythany, Naxaythong, Chanthabouly, and Sikhottabong, where bags of uncollected garbage can be seen littering the streets for up to one month.

“It’s been two weeks, and they haven’t picked up any of the garbage bags in my neighborhood,” lamented one Facebook user.

In another comment, a person attempted to shed light on an excuse provided by the waste collection service, saying, “They claim their garbage collection truck is broken and full or something.”

In Tadmixay, a village in the Xaythany district, one resident shared on social media, “It’s been a month, and we’re still waiting for them [the garbage collection service] to come and collect our trash.”

Residents have also voiced frustration over their multiple unfruitful attempts to contact the garbage collection service, emphasizing that despite numerous complaints, the service continues to take an inordinate amount of time to address the accumulated rubbish.

The Laotian Times has reached out to Vientiane Waste Co-Dev in an effort to gain insight into the situation. The garbage collection service did not respond to the calls.

As the bags of uncollected waste continue to pile up in various districts, it’s yet to be seen how the Vientiane Waste Co-Dev will respond to the residents’ grievances.