Joint Police Operation Takes Down 462 Online Fraud Suspects in Golden Triangle SEZ

Some of the suspects apprehended during an operation conducted on 28 November. (Photo: LaoPS TV)

In a collaborative effort to combat the rising threat of online fraud, authorities from Laos and China apprehended a total of 462 suspects during an operation conducted on 28 November. The crackdown was carried out within the Golden Triangle Special Economic Zone (SEZ) and Tonperng district in Bokeo province, Laos.

The joint investigation, involving Lao police, local authorities, Chinese police officials, and other local agencies, was conducted across seven locations. Among the apprehended suspects were 41 females, all identified as Chinese nationals. 

Following the apprehension, the 462 individuals, escorted by authorities, were handed over to Chinese police officials at the Lao-China border in Luang Namtha province. This transfer marked the commencement of further investigations into the network of online fraud activities.

Law enforcement authorities also confiscated a significant cache of items that included five cars, numerous cell phones, and 16 sets of computers.

Anousin Sackpasert, head of the Police Command of the Golden Triangle SEZ, emphasized the ongoing efforts to closely monitor, inspect, and address incidents related to online fraud. The collaborative efforts have already yielded tangible results, with 58 out of 191 cases resolved in the recent past.

Anousin announced upcoming initiatives in the SEZ aimed at promoting legal awareness among the public, with a particular focus on business operators and tourists. The emphasis will be on preventing and rectifying incidents within the Golden Triangle SEZ, reflecting a proactive approach to ensuring the region’s cybersecurity.

Laos has been facing a significant challenge posed by online fraud, prompting decisive action from authorities. In a previous operation in September, Lao authorities, in collaboration with Chinese law enforcement, apprehended 164 suspects engaged in fraudulent activities. The arrests were made across different locations in Laos, with 77 individuals taken into custody in Vientiane Capital, 46 in the Golden Triangle SEZ in Bokeo Province, 22 in Vientiane Province, and 19 in Savannakhet Province.

The joint operation reflects a strong dedication to combating online fraud, highlighting the crucial role of international cooperation in protecting Laos’ digital landscape.