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BREAKING: Fire at World Trade Center

Fire at World Trade Center

Dec 3 – A severe fire has broken out at the World Trade Center site near Kouvieng, Vientiane Capital. Firefighters are on the scene, based on eyewitness accounts, however the fire has made heavy damage to a major section of the unfinished shopping complex-to-be. The area affected is directly opposite the popular Vientiane Center Shopping Mall.…

OnePay Kicks Cash to the Curb in Laos


Cash is king in Laos, but the crown might soon be toppled as OnePay sparks a revolution.

Walking the streets of Laos with a pocket full of cash can be cumbersome at best, and we’ve all experienced that moment of dismay when the ATM dispenses a massive stack of 20,000 …

Nam Ou 3 Dam Eliminates River Cruises

On Monday, November 20, a river cruise option popular amongst tourists and locals on the Nam Ou River in Laos, was officially cancelled  as the impact of a new dam ends an era of river cruising.

Official announcements made by local authorities have confirmed that the completion of the new …

Laos Eliminates Minimum Registered Capital Requirement for Foreign Investment

Last week, the Ministry of Industry and Commerce issued a notification, No.2633/cabinet/MOIC to all Industry and Commerce offices in Vientiane Municipality, provinces and districts to strictly implement the dissolution of the minimum registered capital requirement for foreign investment in the activities under the General Business list such as; manufacturing factory,

‘Dearest Sister’ Becomes Laos’ First Ever Academy Awards Entry

2017 has shaped up to be an unprecedented year of firsts for Laos. With the country sending its first ever participant to compete in the Miss Universe Pageant, to its first ever film submission to the Academy Awards.

In the country’s first-ever Oscars submission, Laos has selected Mattie Do’s …

Hundreds Storm PS Lao Enterprise’s Offices

On Tuesday, September 12th, two senior executives of PS Lao Enterprise were taken into police custody following a heated dispute between the company’s co-presidents, Ms Souknaly Thepsimeuang and Mr Porher, and an angry swarm of shareholders demanding their investments be returned. It is currently unclear whether the duo were placed …

Cambodian PM Issues Warning to Laos over Border Violation; Troops at the Ready


Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen has accused Laos of military encroachment onto Cambodian soil. He said soldiers from Laos have entered Cambodia and must leave by August 17, or suffer the consequences.

 Mr Hun Sen has now mobilized troops to the border area.

 As many as thirty Lao troops crossed …