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Government of Laos Responds to US Visa Restrictions


The Government of Laos has issued a response to the recent visa restrictions placed upon a number of citizens of Laos, which has caused confusion among Lao communities.

The Trump administration has ordered suspension of the issuance of visas to certain citizens of Laos after the country refused to take back its …

This Week in Lao Social Media

Lao social media was dominated by news from Thailand this week as the search continues for a Thai football team lost in a Chiang Rai cave network. The number of vehicles registered in Vientiane suggests future traffic woes, and unscrupulous market vendors cause a stir once again. Other viral posts …

Ground Broken at First Private Data Center in Laos

LaoDC Data Center Groundbreaking Ceremony

A groundbreaking ceremony was held in Hatxaykhao village yesterday as construction began for the LaoDC data center, the first licensed, privately owned data center in Laos.

The LaoDC data center will be one of the largest data centers in Laos, and will be able to host hardware as well as …

Village Devastated by Fire in Xieng Khouang Province

Fire destroys homes in xieng khouang

32 homes have been destroyed in Xieng Khouang Province after a fire broke out, believed to be caused by an electrical problem.

The fire, the biggest recorded this year, began at around four o’clock on Monday evening in Sanfaen Village, and quickly spread from house to house due to strong …

Fire at Vientiane Capital KM32 Landfill Site

Vientiane Landfill Fire

A fire broke out at the Vientiane Capital’s KM 32 landfill site last Sunday, spreading rapidly and releasing toxic fumes into the atmosphere.…

2018 Road Tax Now Due and Payable

2018 road tax Laos

The Ministry of Finance has called upon vehicle owners to make payment of the 2018 road tax, which is now due and payable.

After multiple setbacks in issuance and collection of the 2017 road tax payment, the deadline for the 2018 road tax payment has been extended to June 30.…

BREAKING: Fire at World Trade Center

Fire at World Trade Center

Dec 3 – A severe fire has broken out at the World Trade Center site near Kouvieng, Vientiane Capital. Firefighters are on the scene, based on eyewitness accounts, however the fire has made heavy damage to a major section of the unfinished shopping complex-to-be. The area affected is directly opposite the popular Vientiane Center Shopping Mall.…

OnePay Kicks Cash to the Curb in Laos


Cash is king in Laos, but the crown might soon be toppled as OnePay sparks a revolution.

Walking the streets of Laos with a pocket full of cash can be cumbersome at best, and we’ve all experienced that moment of dismay when the ATM dispenses a massive stack of 20,000 …